Friday, May 14, 2010

Add a Bite to our Barking!

I sent the following email to the host of the "Christian Worldview Today" talk radio show, but got no response. Perhaps this message was meant for YOU instead!


Perhaps the reason that the Washington officials are not heeding our barking about the government takeover of healthcare is because they know that we do not have a bite.

Socialism is being forced on America, but it did not start with our soon-to-be nationalized healthcare. In fact, our healthcare system is not as socialized as it could be.

We are currently forced to buy healthcare, but we do not yet have single-payer healthcare (where the government pays for all the healthcare), and we do not yet have a single-owner healthcare system (where the government owns all the hospitals). And the hospitals do not indoctrinate us.

If we are really opposed to our slide into socialism, rather than pouring some tea into a few rivers over our concern about socialized healthcare, we should stop using the socialized public school system!

Like the healthcare system, we are required to send our children to the public school system (so most people seem to think), which already has a single-payer, and already has a single-owner, and already is an indoctrination chamber.

For the healthcare system to be as socialist as the public school system, all the hospitals would have to be owned by the government with the services paid by our taxes, and when you went in to a doctor's office they would indoctrinate you about the values of homosexuality, abortion, etc. So as you can see, our healthcare system is not near as socialized as our public school system.

So, if we are truly against socialism, our first action should be to stop using the public school system. After we have done that, we can throw some tea in the river and it may mean something.

I am amazed that with all the barking on your show about socialism, I have yet to hear anyone mention the public school system and just how socialized that institution is.

I am challenging you to be the first. Just as that one man seems to have started all the tea parties with his rant about government payouts, you could be the one to start the movement to TAKE OUR CHILDREN OUT OF SOCIALIST PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN THE FALL!

You could be the spark!

God bless you.



Joseph said...

Great letter! It's amazing how conservatives and Christians will rail against government control of our health care, but won't say a word about government controlling the education of our kids!

Heather said...

Very well said! I am very proud of you taking a stand, and very saddened that you didn't get so much as a response. Love ya!

Isaac said...

Great letter! I've been bringing this up to all of the "conservatives" down here and same thing, no one will address the inconsistency in their logic, or lack thereof.